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Published 31.07.2017

The following books are available for free: 1. Oxford Modern Science 2 Physics by M. Banerge - Slightly used 2. Oxford Modern Science 2 Biology by P. A. Paulose - Slightly used 3. Online with computers Course book 4 (Grade 4 book) - Heavily used 4. Online with computers books 5 and 6 - Heavily used 5. Islam and Moral Education Class six (Bangladeshi Curriculum) - Slightly used 6. Islam and Moral Education Class Seven(Bangladeshi Curriculum) -Used 7. Islamic studies for class 9-10 (Bangladeshi Curriculum) - Slightly used 8. Cambridge Global English activity book and learners book (original) -Used 9. Cambridge primary science learner's book (original) 10. Oxford International maths for Cambridge Secondary (original) 11. Information Systems for you Third edition by Stephen Doyle - used Contact me on Whatsapp at 0581426595 to arrange pickup.