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Marc Wade

Price 158 SR

Location 17 London Road , Medina

Published 11.01.2021

First, let us start with Marc’s heritage. He tells his friends that he’s Hawaiian because he’s ashamed of being African American. Maybe his wife and kids would care to know but I am pretty sure they would much rather know about the multiple affairs he’s had, whether it was a flight attendant or the multiple women in the Laguna Beach or one of many love affairs in Toronto. Ashley, do you think Marc really has to sleep in the City because of important meetings? Come on, catch up to the times! Now let’s get to the real story as love affairs already fill up half the world’s courts and is not so uncommon. This is a story of a sociopath that could barely read or write but managed to steal millions from colleagues, friends and the general public. Marc Wade, who has spent years weaving a tapestry of lies, so he could work his way up the social ladder, is finally being exposed in Canadian courts. So just how did the sociopath manage to steal so much money and gain the confidence of the rich and famous? We are going to uncover that story. It was just so easy when you have no conscience. Marc Wade comes from a small town outside Toronto. At various times he has told people he is Hawaiian - always a little larger as he looked part Eastern Indian. Just like any other teenager in that town he spent much of his time having fun and hanging out. Even then he was an unremarkable individual known for telling grandiose stories that everyone knew to be untrue. He was considered harmless by others and since he had a car and some money - he had a few friends who would hang with him and laugh at his stories. He headed off to college in Colorado and excelled at partying and hanging out. He was again known to enjoy a drink and a story about his great exploits. According to Marc he decided to leave to go into business for himself which was more suited to his business acumen; however, he really was forced to drop out as college requires some reading and writing skills. At this point the story gets clouded. He has told many versions of great success and riches. Those stories include having owned a large oyster distribution business somewhere in the US; a large chemical manufacturing and distribution business and an oil and gas business where he worked with former world leaders and made hundreds of millions of dollars. Besides his father having been in the chemicals business it appears he did none of the above. Marc learned to tell stories about business that had a small element of truth or fact, but did not resemble reality in any fashion. He would take elements and stories from movies like Wall Street and incorporate elements that he thought would impress people. It was a dynamic process as stories would evolve and change and the more times he told them the more he appeared to believe that they happened to him. Unfortunately, without real business experience, more experienced business colleagues would see through him immediately; however, the average person that he was targeting would be impressed. Some of his favorites were that he was a partner with Randy Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s husband) and George Clooney in the creation of Casamigos which was sold for almost $1billion. If you were to google that fact you would get some links to stories where Marc tagged himself and Casamigos, so the search engines would link it up and make it appear as if there was some truth to the story. Marc would incorporate references to Casamigos in his own Instagram and magazine articles he paid for and the story was further supported. He even managed to befriend Cindy and her husband as they both owned cottages on the same lake in Ontario. Perhaps his best con was that he was able to meet and con Jeffrey VanDerBeek, a successful Wall Street leader that owned the New Jersey Devils hockey team into giving him a few percentage points in the hockey team for a promise to invest money over time into the club. Marc invested a small amount of money and then proceeded to tell everyone he met that he was a partner in the hockey team. He even commissioned magazine articles that would reference that he was a team owner. He would tell people that he was on his way to an NHL Owner’s Meeting or that Commissioner Gary Bettman was calling him for advice. When Marc failed to invest the remaining amounts due under the agreement Jeffrey VanDerBeek drafted a lawsuit and forced Marc to settle. Marc essentially never owned 1/10th of 1 percent of the New Jersey Devils. In fact, one evening was confronted by the owner to get out of his suite when Marc had 15+ people there claiming he was the owner of the team. But this is where the story gets more interesting. He was able to use these cons to then create investment scams that he used to take money from the less knowledgeable who were impressed with this illusion of success. One of his favorite tactics was to pay a magazine to create multi page feature stories that talked abo