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What is actually Turnkey Circuit Board Assy

Price 141 SR

Location Corso Novara 62 , Najran

Published 09.05.2019

Ever since its beginning in the year 2001, FASTBOM has become a responsible electronic contract manufacturer(ECM) to meet up with the need for quick turnkey PCB assy solutions. 100 % and Partial Turn-key Circuit Board Assemblage Services We assure you Fast turn-time Prototype or Production Okayed Blank Boards, Parts & Assy Easy On-line Quote Turnkey PCB Board Assembly Solutions FASTBOM is competent at supplying complete turnkey and partial turn-key electronic circuit board assemblage services. For full turnkey, we deal with the complete process, including preparation of circuit cards, procurement of components, order tracking on the internet, regular tracking of quality as well as final assemblage. However, for partial turn-key, the customer can offer the PWBs and some components, and the remaining parts will be taken care of by us. Easy methods to obtain a quote for Turn-key electronic circuit board assembly solutions? circuit card Online Quote: An Instant circuit card price is usually quoted after selection of a couple of options. Mouse click circuit board price estimator to receive a quick Quote for PWB fabrication. PCB Assemblage Quote: This is an additional instant quote for the cost of labor for PCB board assy. Click printed circuit board Assembly Quote to get an quick quote for Printed circuit assemblage. BOM Prices: To get a BOM price in under 1 day, e-mail the BOM file to sales@. Make sure you provide all particulars for instance , quantities, reference designators, and producer name along with component number. Our Assy Capabilities: Supported Capabilities Sorts of Assy THD (Thru-Hole Device) SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) SMT & THD merged Two sided SMT and THD assy Order Quantity Approved 1 - 5,000 boards Parts Passives parts, smallest size 0201 Fine pitch to 8 Mils BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP and Leadless chips Connectors and terminals Component Package Reels Cut tape Tube and tray Loose parts and bulk PCB board dimensions Smallest size: 0. For more info about pcb design and assembly - http://tammigrasby818.unblog.fr/2019/05/01/what-the-heck-is-turn-key-electronic-circuit-board-assembly/ look at the website. 2 x 0.2 (5mm x 5mm) Biggest measurement: 15 x 20 (381mm x 508mm) PWB shape Rectangle Circular Slots and Cut-outs Sophisticated and Rare electronic circuit board type Rigid FR-4 boards Rigid-Flex boards Assembly process Leaded process Leadless (RoHS) Design formatting Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle as well as AutoCAD DXF, DWG BOM (List of materials) (.xls, .csv, . xlsx) Centroid (Pick-N-Place Or XY file) Sales & support Mailbox Phone Real time chat at working period Calculator web page for circuit card and assy Testing Systems Visual Inspection X-ray Inspection AOI (Known as: Automated Optical Inspection) ICT (Or: In-Circuit Test) Functional testing Turnaround time frame 1 - 5 days for just PCB assy 10 To16 days for full turn-key PWB assemblage