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Amazing 4k Ultra HD Time lapse Video Services @ Saudi Arabia

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Published 20.03.2018

4K has approximately 2700% more pixels than standard television and 450% more than HDTV. At Studio52 Providing high quality services, we use Time Lapse cameras and expert crew to create ultra HD Time lapse videos which can also deliver huge value to Marketing, PR and Communications teams within these industries. We provide complete timelapse production services for short term or long term projects with Live View recording, accessible from any PC, Mobile or Device. Contact us for best timelapse video production services and timelapse camera solutions across @ UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Other Middle- East Areas...! For Free Quote - http://studio52.tv/timelapse-video-production For inquires please email us at sales@studio52.tv or call us at +9714-4541054 (UAE) and +966 5 00183012(KSA) .