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macaw parrots, cockatoos, Grey parrots, Amazons, ,whatsapp : +12486625079

Price 2000 SR

Published 06.02.2018

macaw parrots,parakeets, ostriches, Emu, caiques, lovebirds, falcons, birds of prey, parakeets, sun conures cockatoos, Grey parrots, Amazons and fertile eggs for sale We are licensed breeders of a wide variety of parrots and exotic birds. We have parrots of all ages and we sell mostly babies and younger birds. We have macaw parrots, cockatoos, ostriches, Emu, cockatiels, caiques, African grey parrots, Amazon parrots etc. Our parrots are hand raised,tamed, affectionate, intelligent and well socialized. We also sell fertile eggs of the above mentioned birds as well as incubators of all sizes and shapes. All our parrot eggs have a 100% hatching guarantee and we do a replacement or money refund incase an egg do not hatch. We ship parrots and fertile eggs worldwide alongside all documents and certificates.... Hahs Macaws Scarlet Macaws Millitary Macaw Hyacinth Macaw Green-winged macaw Glaucious Macaw Blue-throated macaw Red-fronted macaw Chestnut-fronted macaw Red-bellied macaw Blue-headed macaw Blue-winged macaw Golden-collared macaw Red-shouldered macaw African Greys Congo African grey Timneh African grey Cockatoo Moluccan cockatoo Palm cockatoo White cockatoo/Umbrella cockatoo Sulphur-Crested cockatoo Red-tailed black cockatoo Yellow-tailed black cockatoo Carnaby's black cockatoo Galah cockatoos Major Mitchell's / Leadbeater's cockatoo Cacatua cockatoo Yellow-crested cockatoo Blue-eyed cockatoo White cockatoo Salmon-crested cockatoo Solomons cockatoo Goffin's cockatoo bare-eyed cockatoo Cacatua cockatoo Glossy black cockatoo Amazons Turquoise fronted amazon Yellow-headed amazon Orange winged amazon Yellow-crowned amazon Yellow-naped amazon Re-lored amazon Mealy amazon Cuban amazon Lilac crown amazon White-fronted amazon Vinaceous-breasted Amazon Red-browned amazon Red-crowned amazon Yellow shouldered amazon Red-tailed amazon Red spectacled amazon Festive amazon Puerto Rican amazon Imperial amazon EMAIL: exoticanimalsforpetlovers@gmail.com whatsapp : +12486625079