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Trained Intelligent blue and gold macaw Pair

Price 800 SR

Published 03.08.2020

Top Trained Intelligent blue and gold macaw Pair Parrot,they are perfectly healthy. Comes with large solid wrought iron cage in excellent condition. Absolutely no damage and no rust. (The top opens into a play area and there is a balcony) All accessories included. Along with a 3 month supply of food. The price is a steal for a bird this young and large cage! Please only bird loving homes for my baby. Thank you. Serious inquiries only.I literally just bought him five months old, and now have fallen onto hard times. It pains me to give them but I'd rather they go to a home now while hes young and impressionable so that he can bond to a new owner.they are 2 years old.VERY TAME! Poop trained, social, quiet, loves their toys and their cage. they are already put together sentences, will be a good talker. they are not scared of dogs. Is weaned onto pellets, and enjoys fresh fruit.Text Now or Call CONTACT US FOR THE BIRDS