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Electrical Engineering tuition tutor home tutor online tutor

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Published 01.03.2018

We offer engineering tuitions in delhi for all major subjects like,engineering mathematics, engineering physics, single system, digital eliectronics, analog electronics, microprocessor, microcontroller, digital signal processing, algorithm design, theory of computation automata etc. (Cell: +91- 9911918255, 9918492994 Email: ramprhr@gmail.com ) Engineering math,engineering mechanics,applied math,electrical science,digital electronics,signal system,control system,network system,linear algebra,data structures,dbms,econometrics,statistics,bcom math,bsc math,business math,communication system,engineering physics,fluid mechanics,strength of material. Electric load monitoring generates important data that can help to unravel the mystery behind commercial facilities' energy usage characteristics.A Nonintrusive Appliance Load Monitor (NALM) is designed to monitor an electrical circuit that contains a number of devices (appliances) which switch on and off independently. By a sophisticated analysis of the current and voltage waveforms of the total load, the NALM estimates the number and nature of the individual loads, their individual energy consumption, and other relevant statistics such as time-of-day variations. uel cells are capable of directly converting fuel into electricity.Nanotechnology's role in Electrical Engineering have been applied here.Engineers World earlier explain how to bringing down the cost of fuel cells with nanorods in our News section.Optimization of nano-fuel cell arrays have a key role in