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ib tok essay tutor ia online help

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Published 14.03.2018

We are the expert and world renowned ib assignment specialists for all the subjects such as math hl ia, math sl ia, mathematics studies ia, math extended essay, physics ia extended essay, chemistry ia extended essay, biology ia extended essay, economics ia/commentary extended essay, business management ia extended essay, design technology dt ia extended essay, tok Example sample essay and tok presentation Tok structure , English written task wt, English written assignment WA, History ia extended essay, Geography ia extended essay, etc. 100% guarantee for top class grades (Cell: +91- 9911918255, 9918492994 Email: ramprhr@gmail.com ) Website: http://www.topclassibtutors.com. The TOK essay is not just another essay but an essay that has some purpose. This purpose is reflected in IBO’s mission statement where the students are expected to be inquisitive and enquirers, able to ask and question, rather than follow anything without deep thinking. Critical thinking is a very important skill and the aim of the TOK essay is to make the student’s critical thinkers. By doing so, the students get to learn how to acquire the ‘real’ knowledge from the multitude of information present in the world. This makes them conscious of their environment and they start questioning the established facts as not every knowledge is true or correct. For example previously people were told by astronomers and scientists that there were nine planets in the solar system with Pluto being the last. But in 2006, the same category of people – astronomers and scientists amended the planetary structure and composition of our Solar system and excluded Pluto from the planet club and demoted it as a minor or dwarf planet. So how do we know that what we already know is correct and even more important is how correct is the latest knowledge that dislodges or supersedes our previously held knowledge. These are a few things that a TOK essay tries to cover in its 1600 word limit space. ib Tutor provideshelp in all the assignment writing subjects 1 Ib mathsmathematics studies Ia tutor help Hl Sl math exploration extended essay example sample 2. Ib physics Ia Hl Sl labs extended essay help tutors example sample 3. Ib chemistry Ia Hl Sl labs extended essay help tutors example sample 4. Ib Biology Ia Hl Sl labs extended essay help tutors example sample 5. Ib English written task Wt 1 & Wt 2 World literature help tutors example sample 6. Ib English Written Assignment Wa 1 & Wa 2 online help tutors example sample 7. Ib English Extended Essay Ee online help tutors example sample 8. Ib English Iop Ioc online help tutors example sample 9. Ib theory of knowledge (tok) essay help tutors example sample, Tok Presentation help guidance 10.Ib micro economics ia commentary Hl Sl , ib macro economics ia commentary Hl Sl , ib international economics ia commentary Hl Sl, ib developmental economics ia commentary Hl Sl extended essay help tutors example sample eco 11. Ib business management bm Hl Sl Ia extended essay help tutors sample example 12. Ib Itgs (information technology in a global society) project extended essay help tutors example sample 13. Ib history geography Ia extended essay help tutors example sample 14. Ib Environmental systems & society Ess Lab Report Ia Extended Essay Ee Help Tutor Sample Example Online 15. Ib Theatre arts extended essay ee Ia internal assessment drama tutor 16. Ib visual arts ia internal assessment extended essay online help tutor 17. Ib Design Technology Dt Project online help tutors example sample 18. Ib Wa written assignment tutor help online, wa example, wa sample 19. Ib Evm environmental lab report tutor help example sample 20. Sat Gmat Gre ACT Tuition Tutors Online Help Sat I & Sat Ii Reading Writing Math test example sample 21.IB English FOA(further oral Activity) tutor tuition online help example sample.